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From impressive signs to business neon lights, we design and produce our lights with great passion and creativity thatโ€™s why our quality is the best you can find! Whether youโ€™re looking to light up your living room with trendy wall lights or brighten up a stage with interesting lighting. Let us at Good Vibes Neon turn your idea into something special. Explore around, get inspired and message us โ€“ weโ€™ll be happy to help.

Create your own neon sign

Create your own neon sign online using our custom neon sign Creator! We have created a High tech & easy tool to help you create your own LED neon sign and to give you a visual mockup so you can see how it's going to look before you order.

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Let our customers speak for us!

Neon Signs for Any Events:

Event Neon signs create an instant effect and transforms a space and atmosphere more successfully and efficiently than almost anything else. We understand the need to preset something creative and truly memorable to โ€˜WOWโ€™ your guests and audience. We will work with you to deliver just that. On point, on time and on budget, we design Neon LED lights that will make any stage or party LIT! Weโ€™ll work with you to understand what youโ€™re trying to accomplish and then suggest ideas that will help you light up your event. If you have an outdoor event we will make sure the lights are suitable for outdoor use. Neon art is our strong point and one where ability is highly valued. We will advise on neon art colours, production and installation.

Neon Signs for your Business:

We are experts in converting any graphic logo into remarkable neon lights. You could use your logo in your office/store, a summit or as a unique backdrop for any advertising campaign. Weโ€™ve been asked to bring some brand logos all around the World as neon sign and we did it with great success. Thereโ€™s no better way to upgrade your brand than with a custom LED Neon sign that will be one of a kind and noticeable no matter when day or night, we will be happy to light up your logo and help you raise your business profile.

Our Add on Features:

Outdoor Neon Signs: Our outdoor neons signs are water and temperature change resistant. This sign can be used for your outdoor event, rooftop restaurant or event for your store front!
RGB Neon Signs:
Our RGB Neon LED is the newest Technology of the colour changing neon signs. This LED tube comes with an APP that allows you to control the colour combination, and have some effects. It can be used for any type of event or business.
UV Printing:
UV printing is a form of digital printing that uses ultra-violet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed. We can use this technology to create any design in any colour or shape on the acrylic backing of your sign. meaning it can be the small details that cannot be created with neon, or if your business logo has a background design/colour, or even fill in spots that you would like to be coloured.
Remote Dimmer
Dimmer for your LED Neon sign. It allows you to dim, switch on/off, have different flashing modes and it works with an RF remote control.

From Imagination to Creation:

When it comes to LED neon signs, we can do anything. And we do it the best! Any shape, size or design โ€“ whatever you can imagine our designers will transform into reality. We are proud in creating individual neon signs that are made to order and that are true to their summary.

Light up any space with a Custom Neon Sign. Our Neon lights are perfect for indoor or outdoor, as a decoration for weddings, Home, Office, Restaurant / Bar, or any important occasion, they are a special way to brighten up the room. Let us at Good Vibes Neon brighten up your day.