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Our Neon signs are handmade from LED neon light tubes that are kid-safe and earth friendly. Some great reasons to choose a LED neon sign from us are:

Affordable: An LED neon sign is much more affordable than glass neon. Glass neon can cost up to 7 times more than our LED Neon sign.

Warranty:All of our signs come with 1 year manufacture warranting covering damaged items.

No Harmful gases: We are using using a licensed commercial grade LED neon tube, with a much longer lifespan and a brighter glow.

Does not heat up :Unlike traditional glass neon LED neon tube never heats up which makes them touchable and kid safe.

Easy installation: All signs are fixed on transparent acrylic backing which is laser cut to the same shape of the letters. There are small screw holes on the acrylic backing  for installation.

Low energy requirements: Low power usage with an input voltage of 24V/120V which means lower electric cost and safety.

Remote controlled: We have an option of adding a remote control dimmer, that always you to dim the light up to 10% as well as create some flashing effects.

All signs are fixed on transparent 5mm acrylic backing which is laser cut. We have a few backing options from cut to letters to an acrylic box. Our most famous cut is the Cut to Letters option.

We also have an option of different backing color such as, Black, Mirror (Silver or Gold) etc. Please let us know during the process if you a preference for a specific backing color. 

All signs are fixed on transparent acrylic backing which is laser cut to the same shape of the letters. There are small screw holes on the acrylic backing for installation. 

The signs are equipped with 6ft transparent wire + 4ft black power cord with a transformer and a standard plug (all plug and voltage are available). 

White jacket will remain white while the sign is off

Color jacket will remain that color while sign is off.

With some colors it slightly affects the color of the sign while on, like it does in the pink and orange colors.


For our Outdoor neon sign in order to make it water resistant, we use a 10 mm acrylic backing, carve the original design into the acrylic board and attach the LED tube into the carved niche.

The indoor sign is suitable for weather between -4 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit. If your signs doesn't have to be waterproof, the indoor signs can be used outdoor.

* Please note: Whether you are interested in adding a dimmer, it will have to be positioned indoors as there is no waterproof dimmer for these signs.

- Your LED neon sign

-12 Volt transformer that is compatible to the country of your choice

- 6ft / 180cm transparent wire + 4ft / 122cm black power cord

- Hanging Kit: Either wall (screws + wall stickers) or ceiling mounting (of your choice)

- 1 year warranty for any damages

* Optional - Remote control Dimmer ($25 Extra)

We cannot create a dot using the LED neon, a dot will be designed as a short line (2 cm/0.79”) Every design will have a minimum size possible. 

There is no maximum size limit! We can create any sign as big as you would like, please take note that some signs might need to be split into several parts.

A Remote control dimmer allows you to dim the light up to 10%, turn the sign on/off from far, and create some flashing effects.

Sure you can!

You can either fill out our form if you would like to get your logo or any symbol done.

Or create your own neon sign in just 5 minutes with our online creator!

Price is calculated by length of tube used to create your sign. Therefore same wording with a different font will have a different price, same size with a different font may also have a different price. 

Standard shipping will take between 15-20 Business days to deliver including production from the day you place the order.

Whether you have a deadline we have an option of expediting your sign that will arrive between 10-15 business days from the day you place the order for an extra cost of 50 USD.

We at Good Vibes Neon offers returns and refunds for damaged products only. Will make every effort to resolve the issue and may fix, replace, refund, or partially refund the product. The final decision for damaged products, including refunds for the cost of the product and/or shipping, is decided on a case by case basis depending on the origin of the fault.

All indoor signs have a warranty of 1 year that covers electrical parts when used appropriately.

Outdoor neon signs there will be an extra 6 months warranty that covers all electrical parts.

Regarding the decision on damaged products will depend on the source of the damage and it will be determined between Good Vibes Neon and the purchaser. Good Vibes Neon will either fix, replace, or refund the product.

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