You Should Absolutely Wear Neon In 2021, Its a Vibe

You Should Absolutely Wear Neon In 2021, Its a Vibe

I know what you're thinking. Neon? Is it still in fashion? Was it ever in style? Can I pull it off? Mic check one two, one two - the answer to those questions a comprehensive "yes." And you will most certainly learn something from this post if you are looking to spice up your wardrobe with some florescent colors that make you and others smile when they see you. 

You should note that bright colors are back in style and not to spoil the surprise, they are here to stay. It has been unseasonably warm in most places, which yields itself to wearing brighter colors. And you can put together the perfect neon outfit if you put your mind to it. Many celebrities have long treasured wearing neon. 

From Kim Kardashian to Tyra Banke, Jennifer Lopez, and even Paris Hilton have all sported their love for neon in public. Not exactly on the red carpet, but in public nonetheless, and they all pulled off the bold look with style and grace.  

You could even possibly take a cue from Hailey Bieber's and make a statement with your very own neon bag or vest. Pair one (or both) with some neutral colored pants and or something more eccentric - -and you'll be the talk of the town. 

You really cannot go wrong with bright colors as long as you don't overdo it. And many prominent designers are in on the secret, too. They design some of the edgiest clothing in striking colors - using the most ridiculously vibrant neon. 

Did you know that the likes of ValentinoPrada, and Versace all have debuted (major) neon collections moments on the runway? 

Zendaya's stopped the show in her Valentino Oscar ensemble. Wearing a vibrantly colored yellow gown - she managed to add a (breathtaking) accessory. She accompanied it with a COVID-friendly and fashion-forward face mask. Talk about breaking the Internet!

This is an example of a real; and rather stunning actress who stepped onto the red carpet to make a bold (non-political) statement. So, what else can you do? Is there anything in the neon playbook for men? Or is the fashion primarily focused on the female aesthetic? 

Answers to this and much more are in the post below. This is sure to be a fun one and one set to get you set for wintertime. It is true what they say - bright colors during the winter can help to brighten your and others' day. So here's to putting together the perfect outfit for your next outing, or if you merely want to feel sexy - and that means you (too) men. 

We should feel sexy, too. :) 


When it comes to shirts, as with any shirt - you want to find something that flatters your figure. For men - your masculine...figure (aka body). In any case, you can find a lot of inexpensive neon at thrift shops - orange is great on darker skin tones, while reds and blues pop on lighter skin. 

If you can manage to find a neon shirt that is a bit softer in color - they are perfect for nearly any skin tone. What I mean by this is that almost anyone can pull off the look - great news for fashionistas and whatever the male version of the word is. 


Here is where you have the potential to find some real gold - of the neon variety. You will find that many designers and shoe designers have a lot to say in this respect. Everyone from Prada to Nike has an opinion on the matter. 

Not going to lie, though; some of them are ugly, so you will need to have taste when you are on the hunt. If you are mindful when searching for a pair of shoes that will pop at your next neon-themed rave, then you will not make a wrong decision when choosing a pair of neon shoes. 


Here you have a couple of options. You can choose long socks, ankle socks, which defeat the purpose of wearing silly socks - so let us go with 'you need to wear long socks.' Buy long socks - silly ones - and ones that match your personality. 

You can find cheap socks at most places, and you can even get a custom neon sign to help them pop. Why not host a neon party? Check our post to get more tips on hosting the perfect neon party along with the best accessories like custom neon signs and even some prefabricated ones that we have in stock. 




This is an area where you can get creative, and guys can have a lot of fun here - too. How so, you might ask? Well, it makes a lot of sense that there are a ton of hats out there for guys and bright-colored hats are all the rage. They keep you cool and shielded from the sun.

They can help to assist you in looking fly as hell too, which is also important. Most importantly, they are just a vibe. A neon blue, red, orange, or even yellow hat might pair well with countless outfits. My advice, have fun with it! 


You have to accessorize, and most men are afraid of this, but here is where you can have a ton of fun. One neon-colored earring from your favorite designer could make you look that much (cooler) than you ought to look. :)  

A bracelet, a ring, or even a headwrap could make your outfit pop. 

Do you feel ready for your next party? Yeah! I think so. Go forth and dress in the most freeing way possible.

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