Summer Vibes are Back; It's time to Neon things Up!

Summer Vibes are Back; It's time to Neon things Up!

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Summer Vibes are Back; It's time to Neon things Up!

It is officially summer, which means: it is time to get the drinks flowing and the party going. But there are some essentials one needs to pull off a successful summer party season. Chief among those elements; is a need for neon. 

Neon can work to turn an ordinary summertime party into an extraordinary one, fit for even the most-rowdy party animals. Are you ready for this summer's party season? Are you ready; for a season packed with fun, friends, family, and food? 

That's right, the three essential ts. Those ts are the ones you want to have in a great supply during the summer, as they can ensure that your parties are at maximum fun. If that isn't the case: it appears that it's time to mix things up and take our tips on hosting the best summertime, neon-themed party to grace your neighborhood.  

You might even consider renting out a prime location to host the soiree of the century. There are tons of fun locations to consider, as well. There is the kind that caters to those who are nature lovers, to those who love a more intimate setting like that of a poetry reading with close friends at home.

You can essentially transform your space into a small poetry club with a few items. Don't forget to nake it dark, but incorporate elements of neon to make that party pop. If budget is of concern, not (to) worry - you can transform nearly any spot into what you want it to be. If all you have is a bungalow, don't let that stop you. 

Transform that space into the perfect cocktail lounge where friends can kick back and enjoy neon-themed drinks, view neon art, and even make some of their own. 

From florescent flowers for the more elegant type of party to neon paint parties - we've got you covered with party themes, decor, and a whole lot more. 

Choosing a Location

First off, there's 'location' to consider? Where to host such a summertime part? While there are endless possibilities, there are (a few elements) at play and a lot to consider. If you are a massive baller - you can rent a space, and nearly any space you can imagine - can get transformed into a neon paradise. 

Let's say you choose a barn for rent. That could set you back quite a bit, but consider the possibilities for decor and transforming the space into neon heaven. Think about adding neon banners to welcome people to the party and add a neon-shirt-making station into the mix. 

If you have a creative mixologist involved, get them involved in it as well and challenge them to come up with a few neon-colored drinks to satisfy party-goers. 

You can also do things on more of a budget by transforming your home into a neon-themed space fit for you and your friends.  

Incorporate Neon Art

Honestly, there is so much to be said on the topic. It also happens to be where we can be of the most assistance. We offer a plethora of options from custom-built neon signs to fun ones we have already pre-fabricated. 

And if things get out of hand, we fix, replace, refund, or partially refund the product, depending on the circumstances. 

In the end: our final decision for damaged products, including refunds (the cost of the product and, or shipping), gets decided on a case-by-case basis. 

The most sizable factor is how it happened. All indoor signs come standard with a one-year warranty that covers electrical parts. Our outdoor neon signs enjoy an extra six-month warranty - one that covers all electrical parts. 

What are you waiting for? Build your custom neon sign, today!

High-Class it Up, Buy some Neon Flowers

Believe it or not, flows can be neon, too. It is magic! Or what some might call science. Through a complex chemical dying process. 

You can even pull off some of the magic yourself with a bit of imagination, ingenuity, blacklights, and highlighter pens. Tonic water could also play a role if you want to try a more hardcore method to get your flowers to grow. 

All in all, it could turn out to be a fun pre-party festivity to get a few close friends involved in the planning and implantation of your world-class party. 

Don't Forget your Inner Child

This includes adding neon paint markers where party-goers can decorate shirts and even themselves with neon-colored paint. We often forget that we can sometimes take ourselves too seriously, and nothing makes that clearer than being an adult most of the time. 

There are bills, responsibilities like rent, buying food, and even insurance that can (put a damper) on life, but those things do not define happiness; never forget. With this in mind, it is critical to mention that there is a lot to do to ensure your summertime soiree ends up being just the way you envisioned if you'd thought of the idea and had the resources to pull it off; as a child. 

Most importantly, have fun and don't forget the most important ingredient, neon. The more neon, the better, in this instance and most instances this summer. 

We hope you take our tips and turn them into the best summertime party you've ever hosted. Until then, stay cool (temperature-wise and otherwise), stay beautiful, and stay (spreading) the good vibes. That is our mission, and if you can help us pull that off - we just might change the world - or at least the vibe of your upcoming neon-themed party. 

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