Night Club Owners, Neon your Place Up

Night Club Owners, Neon your Place Up

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Night Club Owners, Neon your Place Up

There's nothing better in the summertime than a night out. And chances are, if you own a club, you know how wild things can get inside. These spaces are often dark, filled with people and loudspeakers. 

They want to dance, meet others, and vibe with each other. That vibe is no Bueno if the space is just a cold, dark, smoky one. Why not transform your club into a place where party-goers might want to spend time and money. There is (almost) nothing worse than a sad night out when your expectations are typically high. 

I know when I go out, I want to have the most optimal experience in that club, understanding that it is not just the drinks and bartenders that make the experience. The decor you choose plays a pivotal role in that experience, in creating a good; one anyway. 

Could you imagine merely hearing the music but not having the proper signage or lighting to create a "proper" club experience? that is sadly what many club-goers face every time they go out. This is: as club owners scale back on budgets due to the recession and several other reasons. 

Facing higher rents, they (are forced) to make the cover club-goers pay; even higher. What more funds in hand; why not enhance your experience to build a clientele? The move only seems like a good one to the clubs that wish to stay afloat during a time when most clench their wallets tighter; due to higher prices and inflation. 

Nonetheless, you're in a good place, the place to provide folks with the chance to blow off some steam. That experience can't be subpar - it (has to) be the most memorable one of that party-goer's entire partying lifecycle.

Transform a Dark, Damp Space

You already know, neon that spaces up. Add signs in places where some extra light might make all the difference. That dark corner, add a neon sign, the bathroom, add a neon sign. 

There is almost no limit to where you can add a neon sign in your club, but behind the bar is an iconic location to add one, two, or even three if you place them in the perfect place. It seems that some bar and club owners have seen a decline in attendance: that can get reversed.

It will take much more than neon to pull it off, but it is a great first start. It will take a lot of creativity to transform a space, but there are (a lot of) options to incorporate neon into your design concept. You don't have to spend a lot; you merely have to be savvy and artistic enough to make people want to come to your club for the ambiance. 

Neon-Colored Drinks

With the right mixologist and a (great deal of) creativity, you've got a neon-colored drink menu to shake things up at your club/bar. You might also need a series of blacklights placed throughout the club to ensure the full impact of the drink gets felt by the one who drinks it. 

If you want, you can even hold a competition for local artists to paint a neon-colored mural on several walls, supplying all paint and other necessary supplies, declaring a winner, and even incentivizing them with a cash prize. 

Throw the first, second, and third place artists some cash to support, but at different levels, of course. This is a fun way to get the community involved and transform a space on a budget. 

Neon-Night, Once a Month

Why not host neon-night once a month? Here you can highlight your neon art, signs, and specialty cocktails and offer several deals. There is even the possibility of establishing a neon-colored dress code to further the mission: all neon, all night.

You would likely build a following of loyal party-goers who attend this party faithfully, but you must keep it fresh, offering the best DJs, drinks, prices, and (pretty much) everything else. Nobody (ever) said being a club owner would be easy, but once you figure out the formula, it could be a winning one. 

There are a lot of risks involved in any investment, but some are bound to pay off, and this is one that I can see gaining a lot of traction with the proper social media marketing and word-of-mouth campaigns going around. 

People Want to Feel Safe and Have Fun

Most importantly, you have to create a fun and inviting atmosphere. There is nothing more depressing than a bad club experience due to someone hateful, ignorant, or ready to fight because they've had too much to drink. 

There is and can be a perfect balance of tolerance and rowdiness in a club environment. For the most part, folks expect the experience to be a bit hectic in the first place, it is merely your job to have proper security and measures in place to ensure safety for all guests.

You should offer a safe and inviting space that is filled with all the colors of the rainbow, which, for one is a club I'd like to party in. If that experience is elevated with neon, I also wouldn't complain about that. It would seem that could be the ultimate experience for those in attendance and might mean higher profit margins for the one who facilitates it all. 

This summer, give club goers the best time they've had in years; as we begin to gather to celebrate all life has to offer, including the good vibes we can all create when we party together in an inviting and inclusive space optimized for the world's best parties. 

What are you waiting for? Get out there and transform your club for parties (that are sure) to be out of this world! You've got thousands of potential guests salivating at the idea of a good DJ and even better vibes if you can manage to pull that off. 

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