Neon Trends for 2021, You Don't Want to Miss Out - We Promise

Neon Trends for 2021, You Don't Want to Miss Out - We Promise

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Wow, can you believe it? We have already made it through another year, and a hectic one at that. Nonetheless, it was a pretty epic one, and we didn't blow up. Seriously though, all things considered - here's to 2020. You were a hell of a year. 

As always - let's start the new year with the best vibes - and there are some trends set to come back and some set to make a triumphant debut in 2021, so we want to look at some of them in this post. 

Surprise, surprise, neon colors are not just for the 1980s. In fact, they're on the mend in 2021. And here's how you style them. 

No Shortage of Neon Colors in 2021

So far, we can expect neon colors like yellow, pink, orange, green, and even blue to be in style for the coming year.  

Neon yellow and pink are probably the most common colors, but there is also orange and neon green that made a comeback in 2020. Lots of celebrities sported the look in 2020. 

The Sport-Functional Neon Look

Neon colors are more commonly (than not) sported with the more functional and sporty look, in the form of t-shirts, crop tops, and jackets. And it is often street/everyday wear, (largely) inspired by street fashion across the globe - which present a lot of potentially fashionable. For instance, have you ever considered the purple neon look? 

Sport can be chic and can pair nicely with monochromatic colors, but you need to add some white to break things up a bit. Even a stylish olive green works well with anything neon pink. It makes the pink pop - a lot.  

For women who love skirts, try a neon green skirt, and you can always layer it to make neon appear less intense. Blazers always help to break up large blocks of neon, and the material you choose to juxtapose your neon is important - so choose wisely. 

Hint, hint, tweed. For women, what about a neon clutch? Definitely making a statement with something like that, and there is tons of potential in things like neon accessories, which we will cover in the next section. 

Neon-Clored Accossories

Here's a brief yet practical list of neon-colored accessories like shoes and bags. In addition to those, there is also: 

  • Earrings
  • Belts
  • Socks
  • Rings
  • Hats
  • Scarfs

Some have (been) known to paint their nails and toes neon colors. We told you, short, sweet, and to the point here. 

How To Style Them

Armed with all this information, you might be thinking: How do I style neon? Luckily for you, here is where we break that down - so you can have the best neon look in 2021. 

Before we get started, remember, no need to get intimidated. 

Neon colors are not as tricky to style as you might think they are. They can be a bit intense (but) if you get it right - you will nail the look. No doubt about that! Not to mention, if you like a challenge, styling neon will be a good one for you. 

Here are some pointers to get you on your way to styling and profiling in 2021 with neon and some other colors to balance the look. Brown and beige are two neutral colors that work unexpectedly well with neon. 

If you feel like you want to spread a ton of joy one day - then go for it. Wear neon head to toe, please - wear different neon colors. Not (just) one color. And make sure it flatters your body. For instance, if you wear an oversized neon shirt as a dress, add a neon belt to show off that waistline. 

Classic denim pants, jackets, hats, really - anything denim can make intense colors more wearable.

There you have it - the secrets, the tips, and some of the most brilliant fashion advice on the world wide web. If you're going to be in neon spirit in the first place, why not find out some other ways you can add neon to your home, man cave, or even relaxation area. 

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