How to throw the best neon party?

How to throw the best neon party?

I know, I know, this is a truly bold statement, but we've compiled a list of must-have elements that will ensure you host the best neon party, with even better vibes. First, we'd like to start by answering a critical question: What on earth is a neon party? 

In short - a neon party is a vivid and colorful themed party where partygoers wear neon colors and outfits. There are also a ton of other kinds of neon in the mix, often in the form of signs and decorations in the space, creating quite the glowing spectacle. 

You can even add some black lights into space to create an even more vivid color experience. Sometimes referred to as a "glow in the dark party," it is best to wear either white or fluorescent colors for the best experience - or as Anderson .Paak might say, so you can stay “glowed up.” 

A basic rule of thumb is - the brighter the neon color, the greater the chance that the item will glow. Fluorescent green, pink, yellow, and orange are your best bets. It is also important to note that most neon colors glow in the dark underneath black lights. 

Get creative with party themes; and concepts

You might want to add a bit of spice to your neon party by adding an array of LED neon signs, ones that will undoubtedly change the vibe of a mundane party to one that is next-level.  

Want to take visitors to the 1970s? What about the 80s? You can even take them to an arcade party depending on the kinds of neon you choose for the event. Whichever sign you choose, it is best to be as creative as possible. 

If you choose a themed party - consistency is also key, meaning you should tell partygoers to dress accordingly and to even get into character if they so dare to. 

Hire a good DJ

Every good party has a good DJ. Music is one of the most crucial elements of a party, and if it is off, the vibe feels off as well. So, why is choosing a solid DJ and the right people for a party warranted? 

These two pieces of the puzzle are two rather gigantic elements to your party, meaning if the DJ and guest lists are off - your party will be as well. So, what makes a good DJ? For starters, they should have good energy and be able to read the room. They should also ask questions about the vibe you're trying to create at your party. The music, therefore, should match the theme of the party. 

The DJ you ultimately select should have a great setup and should have a good understanding of sound and the genre of music to be played. 

What about a good partygoer? You know your friends, and they should bring a guest, but one who knows how to have fun and one willing to get drawn on with UV markers. This can add a fresh vibe to the party, and further allow guests to interact with each other by drawing on each other - of all things! 

In all seriousness, have a host of these markers on a table as party favors, and encourage friends to bring their own as well. This will really get people talking to each other and ensure there is never a dull moment. 

Serve glow-in-the-dark finger foods

Marshmallows, potato chips, tortilla chips, tonic water, honey, vanilla ice cream, and many other foods glow in the dark when there is a black light around. So, you can choose some of these finger foods to serve for a trippy outcome. 

Doing this will surely shock partygoers who will not expect that their food will glow in the dark. Look up recipes that use these foods from the period you choose for your neon party - and it should work further to impress those in attendance. 

Don't forget about the games

A party is never a party without a few games. But which games are the ones that best fit a neon party? There are a ton, and many of them require participants to be active. Let's make things more interesting at your party by adding games that involve using glow sticks. Here are eight popular games: 

  1. Glow golf
  2. Glow blowing
  3. Glow stick scavenger hunt
  4. Tic-tac-glow
  5. Neon lawn art
  6. Glowing hopscotch
  7. Glow hoop volley
  8. Glow-in-the-dark-bubbles

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You're all set to host the dopest neon party

Now that you've gotten armed with the proper tools - you're ready to go off and have the best darn neon party in town. There are a lot of nuances involved in hosting the perfect party. Most importantly - you should not stress, and you should remember to have only the best time. 

Party guests can and will tell if there is an issue. That will more than likely reflect in the party's vibe, too. Simply put - keep your cool and maintain the vibe because parties are supposed to be fun. 

After all - that is the ultimate goal of hosting the best neon party, too. Ok, are you ready? Set, go! Time to have the hottest party on your block. Let us know how your party goes on our social channels, and let us know if any of these tips worked for you. We’d also love to see pics of your neon party! 

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