Good Vibes neon x zohar

Good Vibes Neon team with neon signs in the background
it all started when we went into Zohars Gallery. As Neon Artist we were amazed by his work. After Talking for a while we came up with the idea of bring both worlds together. Since then we have been working and exhbited around the world. In the USA, EUrope, dubai, israel and many more.
A person standing next to a white Chanel neon sign hanged on a wall
Meet the Artist


As a Child Zohar always knew how to draw. No one ever believed that he will be able to do anything with it. After serving in the Army he started studying and running business in the Optic industry. During this time he always continued to paint.  Until one day he got inspired to bring both worlds of optic and drawing together. Since then he creates all types of Art using layers of optical illusion whether it’s in 3D or using Neon as another layer to his art.  His Art is Exhbited all over the world, in Galleries, homes and businesses, From Dubai to Miami.