Neon Weddings in Full Swing

Neon Weddings in Full Swing

Neon Weddings in Full Swing

You heard me, neon-themed weddings. While it may sound far-fetched, they have grown in popularity; throughout the years. Each wedding season, folks take to the altar to say their "I dos," some of which have the most elegant neon-themed nuptials. 

Are you and your finance ready to tie the know? Ready to get hitched, as it were? Well, summer 2022 seems the perfect time to get married, with record-numbers of people tieing the know in Las Vegas, their backyards, and for the first time in years, getting together in person with hundreds of friends and family to celebrate the day. 

One theme is taking over this summer, and that is neon. It could come (in the form of) neon signs making an appearance to announce the new couple to strategically-placed neon signs with sayings from the newlyweds. 

Are you more into the idea of extreme weddings? You could even outfit your bridal party with a neon-colored dress and accessories to accompany. Whatever you choose, don't forget, this is your special day, well at least for two people. So, it should be a mutual decision to neon your festivities. 

Remember to "do it up" because, in theory, you only have one wedding, so you should live out the immortal words of Prince, "Party like it's 1999." So, here's how to host the most impeccable neon-themed wedding the world has ever seen. 

It is time to wow your guests and ensures they have (a time) to remember at your upcoming summer wedding. Are you ready for some expert tips? Well, you're in luck - because we've got them, and they are in no short supply. 

Neon-Colored Dresses and Tuxedos

We're all about going for it. If you are brave enough, you'll 'be about that life,' too. Are you tired of boring traditional weddings where the bride and groom wear white and black respectively? We are, as well: so we have a brilliant suggestion - make your wedding attire a neon-themed one. 

You can tell guests to find their (finest) neon-colored clothing items, suits, dresses, what-have-you. This will require most guests to make a purchase, and in most cases, it will not be a cheap one; but a worthwhile one if they can pull it off. After all, nobody wants to be the only one wearing traditional colors at a neon-themed wedding. 

To take things a step further, you can work with a designer and get a custom dress and tux made for your wedding party. How memorable would that be? 

A Neon Prince-Themed Wedding

Speaking of creating memories, why not party like it's 1991? You could do a lot with this saying, including having a Prince-themed wedding with tons of neon. If you're a (huge) Price fan, you can use that song as your wedding's theme and give guests fun party favors like glow-sticks or even their custom neon sign. 

If you're hosting a 'smaller' event, why not turn your party into a turn of the Millenium party littered with neon? Do you remember 1999? Such a simple time when the world was only really concerned that computers would cause our ultimate demise. 

Well, fast-forward nearly 25 years, and you can say folks were silly for thinking such a thing. Today, we can look back on that time as simple and a time filled with lots of neon. The 80s and 90s were like prime real estate for neon, and it seems time to bring that back - at least for your big day. 

Your wedding guest book can sit underneath a blacklight, and you can have guests sign with an assortment of neon-colored markers. Don't forget the perfect DJ to spin the best Prince tunes for guests to enjoy and boogie to - all night long. 

Neon Signs to Commemorate the Special Occasion

What about the memories? While they will be in no short supply, don't forget about post-wedding memories. The kind (that comes) in physical form - like custom or pre-fabricated neon signs for the bride and groom. 

If you are attending, not only are these signs great for nearly-built mancaves and other spaces, they are a great way to tell the newlyweds you love them. You can even be a part of the decoration process for the wedding by bringing the sign to the wedding with the intent of having them display their new sign at the wedding. 

This is your Day; Live it Up! 

Whatever your big day brings, remember that this is your day. You can't let anyone kill your vibes, and (those) should be in no short supply; on your big day. Friends, family, and others will gather to celebrate love, which is: a beautiful thing.

This Pride Month, we recognize that love is love. We have to continue to spread the notion of love, and we can do that by giving a hug, sharing a meal, giving a smile, or even a neon sign to a friend who is down during these times. 

As we begin to gather together in greater numbers, emerging from darker times, your wedding has a lot riding on it, so you owe it to guests to make it as fun as humanly possible. It has to be the best time for you and others, so take every measure to ensure that is the case. 

This summer, if you're going to have a wedding, it seems like the perfect time to go all out. It can be hard to imagine that you can pull off such a feat, but it is possible. It seems like you're overwhelmed now, but this is just the start of a life-long journey with someone you love, one full of adventure, food, fun, travel, wine, cheese, and all that you desire. 

In the grander scheme of things, pulling off a wedding appears to be small in comparison. Cheers to the 2022 wedding season; and to making your special day the most special one (with some neon to accompany).

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