Have you got your New Year's Neon?

Have you got your New Year's Neon?

What? New year's neon? Yes, we'd like to think of ourselves as trendsetters - the kind who want to start a neon revolution. We want you to get your new year's neon before the party! 

So, this means having the perfect party because of the (obvious) conversation piece you will soon have. We know it has always been on your list to add a spark to that dull-looking area you're unsure as to what to do there. 

Why not consider making a custom neon sign to spice up that space? There is a lot to consider when hosting the perfect new year's party. Not to worry - we have you covered and hope that you'll think about making your next neon purchase with us, as quality and speedy delivery are top of mind for us. 

Read the full post to learn more about how to add neon into your new year festivities. The best part, the new year is only one day - well-built neon signs can last over a decade. 

Where can I put my Custom Neon Sign?

You should first note that you can place your pre-designed and custom neon signs almost anywhere in your home or any other space. This includes putting them in living rooms, bedrooms, kid's rooms, man caves, and even your new game room.

Some folks even design a custom neon for their wedding, baby shower, office, or party. Some even include brand names and make their way to locations like restaurants as well as bars. 

There is no shortage of salons, barbershops, gyms, and those looking to spice up a regularly 'boring' space, now purchasing neon signs. 

But what about the new year? What should you do to celebrate the occasion? The answer to that question - whatever you want! But have you considered a new neon sign? If so - there is no shortage of where you can place your signs, including in your outdoor area - one made for the perfect new years party. 

Pick the Perfect Music to Match your Neon Atmosphere

Here is where another principal element of owing neon comes into play - choosing the right music to accompany the aesthetic of the neon sign you design. 

You can also choose from dozens of prefabricated signs; as well. 

Naturally, at a party - you want to curate the perfect playlist, which is seen as a big responsibility by many. If the music is off at a party, so will almost every other vibe, too. Here is where you want to examine who will attend your soiree then build that playlist accordingly. 

Typically, you want to choose some tracks without words and a lot of songs that feature words - especially for those who like more mainstream music. If you or one of your friends is a DJ - you are in luck because you get it. 

Be sure to select more songs than you think, and be prepared to skip a track, two, or even three if the vibe is off and you see folks stop grooving. Never take the mood down, meaning no slow dances, but rather, selecting tunes from the 80s,90s, early 2000s, and present-day to take partygoers on a musical journey. 

If you want to kick things into overdrive, you can explore new and exciting musical genres like psytrance, techno, and other forms of electronic music. It is the kind of music that gets the blood flowing, and it also happens to pair well with the look of neon. 

We're Unlike Most

Our goal is customer satisfaction, and of course - to spread only the best vibes, which is why we aim to keep our prices affordable and our quality high. 

When it comes to the new year, we want to make sure you and your guests have a beautiful piece of two, or even three, neon signs. And you're not too late to place an order, as the whole process only takes a few minutes. 

During that time - we then create a mockup for you to view within 24 hours. After that, you pay, and we deliver your sign within 20 business days, no strings attached. And if you order now, you will receive your custom neon or prefabricated neon sign before you ring in 2022. 


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