Add Some LED Neon to your Next Outdoor Shindig

Add Some LED Neon to your Next Outdoor Shindig

Now that things have started to turn back to a sense of relative normality, we can think about getting together again with friends and family. There is no better time to do that than the summer, and while we're still in the thick of it - why not host an outdoor party? 

The pandemic sort of put us all in a weird place, so it is the best moment to bring the party to you (and your friends). So, get ready to host an outdoor party, but not just any kind of outdoor party - this one includes lots of durable neon signs that will elevate a boring party to the next level. 

We're going to cover what it takes to host the perfect summertime LED neon sign party, and we hope to hear how yours goes. 

You'll Need a Good DJ

Every good party has a DJ, but not just any DJ. You want the vibe to be solid. As such, make sure (if you hire a DJ) that they come highly recommended. You should also be able to trust the person recommending the DJ. That means trusting (or knowing) that their musical taste is something that will create a party-like atmosphere at a summertime LED neon party. This is critical. 

As always, you will want to ask the DJ you hire if they have the proper sound equipment for the scale of the party you want to host and stress that the sound quality is also quite crucial. You'll want to get this right; otherwise, your party will be a sad mess. 

If you do get it right - the party will vibe well into the evening. Of course, if you do not have a budget for a proper DJ, make a playlist, but make it badass and get inspiration from others. Keep it upbeat and at least invest in a good portable speaker with nice bass - this can go a long way in small party settings. 

Don't Forget the Munchies

You can always hire a caterer, but if you do not have the budget for this - ask guests to bring finger foods to share. You can even have a few friends over before the event, helping you prepare some foods for guests. 

You will, of course, want to put things like chips and other salty goods, as well as some sweets to ensure you satisfy everyone's cravings. In the end, people will likely consume alcohol - it makes sense to ensure they feel great throughout the evening by keeping something in their bellies. 

Great Cocktails/Virgin Drinks

There are so many cocktails. There's the Bloody Mary, Margaritas, gin, and tonic, to more sophisticated stuff that uses ingredients like Vermouth Rosso to formulate the much-loved Negroni.  

If this party is to be a mixed affair, i.e., children and adults, you'll want to have something for them, as well as for the folks who do not drink. This is where some good cocktail mixing skills come in handy. You can find many quick, simple, yet delicious virgin cocktail recipes that will keep guests wanting more and more. 

The best part, after drinking them - they can even safely drive home. After all, those bellies will merely be full of different kinds of juices. Now that sounds quite wonderful if you ask me. 

Don't Forget your Outdoor LED Neon Signs and the Add Ons

Here comes the best part of the party, and the real star of the show. The main event, if you will, our custom outdoor neon signs. Our outdoor neon signs are water and temperature change-resistant. 

These signs are perfect for outdoor events, rooftops, restaurants, etc. 

An RGB Neon LED sign from Good Vibes Neon harnesses the newest color-changing neon sign technology to produce a vibrant glow all guests will love. Our stunning LED neon tubes come equipped with an APP that allows you to control elements of your neon sign's color combination. 

We also dabble in UV printing - a form of digital printing that uses ultraviolet lights to dry or cure ink as it gets printed. We leverage the technology to create any design in any color or shape on your sign's acrylic backing, adding a special touch to your custom LED neon sign and an even better party vibe if you ask us.  

This means that you can add more small and intricate things that can't be achieved with neon alone. You can even add a dimmer to your sign which allows you to dim, switch on/off, cycle through different flashing modes. 

 It even works with an RF remote control.

That's All, Folks

Now, we're sure you are ready for your next outdoor party. You have all the tools you need for success, now here comes the hard part - execution. It is the most critical part. So, here are some quick last-minute tips for the best possible summertime outdoor party. 

Don't forget about vibe checks. Seriously, it is paramount that the vibe at the party is always good. No one wants to go to a party with bad vibes - it can ruin everything. So, this means you should get prepared to be the party's hype person at all costs. 

Never appear to overdo it, but you should ensure that the vibe stays as you wish for it to be. 

Secondly, you know your friends, and you know who mixes and who does not quite mesh together. Do keep this in mind when creating the guest list, as this will be key in maintaining the flow and vibe of the party. 

Ok, that's it. You're ready to host your next party. We're wishing you the best of luck and a happy outdoor LED neon party 2021. It has been a weird time, as stated in the intro. 

This is why you owe it to yourself to kick back and relax while with the ones you live life to the fullest this summer. Cheers; to good times and even better vibes. 

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