A Guide to Buying the Best Neon Sign

A Guide to Buying the Best Neon Sign

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If you are into the idea of buying a custom neon sign, you recognize there are several things you must consider before making a purchase that will for sure transform any space it gets placed in. After all - you do want your design to be the best, most elegant, possibly hilarious neon sign that wows your mother on Mother's Day - or your dad on Christmas. 

Custom neon signs can also breathe a lot of life to a friend's dim basement, creating the most optimal environment to host the ideal get-together. Neon signs have heightened in popularity in recent years and have made us rethink how we incorporate the custom versions of the iconic Las Vegas facade into private spaces. And in North America, particularly in the United States, there has long been a fascination with vintage neon store signage. 

Not to worry, the ones we are talking about are a lot classier than those, as you can now build a custom neon sign, designing it down to every element, including color, back color, color warmth, font, and even messaging. 

Did you know that good quality neon can have a lifespan of anywhere from eight to twenty years? It is (precisely) because of this - that you should take the below factors into consideration when making your next custom neon or pre-designed neon sign. Without further ado - the Good Vibes Neon guide - one designed to help you place a more informed neon sign order. 

Where can I put my custom neon sign?

You can put pre-designed and custom neon signs almost anywhere. You can put them in living rooms, bedrooms, kid's rooms, man caves, or game rooms. There are neon signs designed for weddings, baby showers, parties, offices; with brand names, bars, and restaurants. 

Salons and barbershops, and gyms, and those looking for more basic signs - well, they are not excluded. 

What about the surface?

It is paramount that you explore the kind of surface you will hang your neon sign; on. If you do not want to have a hanging sign, you still have mostly the same considerations, so no need to cause a fuss. In any case, let's take brick - for instance. 

This classic backdrop adds a great deal of texture to an otherwise "boring" space. Add a custom neon sign to the mix, one that could catapult the space into another dimension. If you can imagine it, you can probably pull it off with the help of a neon sign. In the back of your mind, remember that you want to recreate the perfect vibe for you, so spare no expense, within reason, and budget, of course. 

So, what does this mean? It could very well mean painting an accent wall or taking measures to actively hide the wires that come from your custom neon sign. Taking such a measure; could produce an even more seamless user design experience, making your new neon sign an integral part of space's design and its overall "wow" factor. 

There are other considerations, too. What about colored signs on dark walls? In short, lighter neon signs create a wonderful - and quite visual focal point, which looks great against a dark backdrop. What about the pattern you choose? This is what we plan to explore next. 

Is the pattern I choose; important?

There is no such thing as tacky, seriously. If you believe in the idea, take a look at Antoni Gaudi's work. The famed 20th-century Spanish architect's last name is the inspiration behind the word "gaudy," a word defined as "Extravagantly bright or showy, typically tasteless."

Believe us when we say he OWNED his “tacky” work - and we do mean it. Today, his work gets widely celebrated amongst those in the architecture community. All this to say, in short, the pattern you use for your neon sign is not detrimental to the overall aesthetic. It is something YOU want for YOURSELF, after all. 

Be aware, however, that some shapes are more prone to breaking, but most that exist on the markets are fairly study products - unless you buy the cheapest of the cheap. 

What is my price point?

Today, you can construct any kind of neon sign imaginable. But the real question is: Is it quality you seek? If that answer is yes, you should get prepared to spend anywhere from a few bucks to thousands of dollars on a neon sign if you look at more industrial neon applications. 

Since we're all about good vibes, we view the price of a neon sign as something that should be affordable to all, though. As such, we calculate our neon sign prices carefully and take into account the length of tube used to make a sign. In some instances, this might mean that a sign with the same wording or a sign with a different font or fonts, vary in price. 

How does it work?

We aim to keep our prices affordable and our quality high; so we can earn all your custom neon sign business in the future. Do you know the best part? The whole process only takes a few minutes, and we then create a mockup for you to view within 24 hours. After that, you pay, and we deliver your sign within 20 business days.

Final Thoughts

As we said in the beginning, there are a ton of things to consider when buying a neon sign, or even a pre-designed one. We only extend the best customer service, allowing returns and refunds on damaged products. We will always make every effort to resolve the issue, first, though. 

We fix, replace, refund, or partially refund the product, depending on the circumstances. 

In the end, our final decision for damaged products, including refunds (the cost of the product and/or shipping) - gets decided on a case-by-case basis. One of the biggest factors being, the origin of the fault.

All our indoor signs come standard with a one-year warranty that covers electrical parts. Our outdoor neon signs enjoy an extra six-month warranty, one that covers all electrical parts. What are you waiting for? Build your custom neon sign, today.

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